Maidenhood to Motherhood|Postpartem Body

This is something that has been on my mind lately. I try not to get freaked out when I see my "mom body" in pictures. It's one thing to see your body in a mirror. It's another to see an actual image of your body. Although I do have to be honest. I do miss my pre-mom body. I was still somewhat "big" but this is the heaviest I've been. It sometimes bothers me. But it also bothers me the way society likes to fat shame or body shame women in general. 

I could go on and on, compare and contrast. This is me right now. I am learning to love myself again. Every new stretch mark. My new scar or badge of honor. Not only has my body changed physically, but even chemically. My hormones have changed. I don't get as cold as I used to get. I am usually always warm. I have different feelings and emotions. 

Becoming a mother has been a huge change for me. I just don't think we get prepared for all of the changes that we go through. 


I have struggled to NOT compare myself with other moms who seem to bounce back to a "fit body" right after birth. But I acknowledged, or began to understand how different each woman and pregnancy is. I have to do what's right for me. My most important goal is to take self care|my mental health seriously. My mental health is most important to me. 


I also think body positivity is also vital in self-care. No matter what shape or size, why should we shame our bodies? Or shame others? Whether you can fall back into your "pre-baby" size or if you'll never fall back into your old size. We carried a child for 9 months, and we are mothers forever. Here's to leaving Maidenhood behind, and embracing ALL that Motherhood has for me.