New beginnings


My family and I are embarking into a new season and new beginnings. Both my husband and son had their first day of starting something new. My son’s first day of daycare was today, and my husband started his new job.  

Double the blessing for us. While daycare will be a cost expense for us, I’m looking at it as an investment for our son. It’s a top place in Chicago for a daycare and I see my son flourishing there. We can even keep him there up to pre-k.  

It was a milestone of sorts for me personally as a mom. I don’t know if other moms have gone through this or can relate to this (I’m sure you have) but today I envisioned my sons future. Actually it was more like I saw that this was another beginnings of firsts; a new chapter in his life.   

I don’t want to lie and say I wasn’t  a little sad. Especially when he just ran into the room and started playing with the first toy he saw. I called his name to say goodbye and to tell him I loved him. He just stared at me and went on playing lol I left to head out to work. I did cry a little. I couldn’t help it. My mother in law works in the day care center (Thank God. Another blessing) and she sent me a text picture of him napping. All I could do was imagine giving him a kiss as he lay there looking peaceful and somber.  

I could only cry for a minute and then had to compose myself. It was fleeting moment.  But I was in my feelings and really felt the bitter sweet pain of growth. My baby is now a toddler and growing into a little boy.  

I’m excited to see what kind of growth will come from his time there. I hope that my husband and I can also guide him and see where we can help as the teachers will also have notes for us I’m sure. For now I just wanted to record this moment.