Airport Bustle

My husband, son and I will be leaving next week for our 2nd family trip ever. This time we are flying out of the country to visit my father. It's not too far out of the country. We are going to Mexico! Currently we are getting ready by packing and organizing our apartment. I'm excited and nervous about the trip and seeing family. Also just a smidge concerned with the layover coming back home. Going to Mexico we're gonna have a 1 year old, and on the way back we will officially have a toddler. But that's not the point of this current blog. 

I am smitten with the airport bustle. Normally, I am not a fan of crowded places or seeing loads and loads of people around me. Being at the airport just makes it magical for me. I like getting there early to enjoy and relax until it's time for the flight. I like the process of getting my boarding pass. Once I pass the initial airport screening it's like entering a different world. People are going places. There's food places at every other corner. Magazine and book stores. There's duty free stores. There's business people, families, and people going on adventures, or people going home. 

It's a world of endless possibilities. I've decided that on the way back, I want to treat myself to some duty free perfume. In between I also plan on drinking lots off coffee, water and stuffing my face. 

Do you have a favorite thing about airports? Please share with me!