End of summer

Have not written in awhile and that makes me a bit disappointed. I mad a "schedule" about blogs to post. But to be honest I lost a bit of drive and focus. Maybe I put too much thought instead of just going with the flow. 

My baby boy was sick for a couple of weeks with a bad cold. Then I eventually got sick, but with a sinus cold. With my son being sick came with a little loss of appetite. That had worried me. Other things he was doing also, which turned out to be normal for boys.  

Lets just say I'm learning a lot. Meanwhile, I've taking a leap in faith and have found a church to not only visit, but hopefully become my home church.  

Im ready to for summer of 2017 to close and for the new season of Fall to open. We went to our first apple orchard with our boy. That was fun. He had a blast. We loved watching him explore and eat apples. Hopefully not the last for this next season either. 


 Apple eating  

Apple eating