Dancing in the morning

This Friday morning I was in the dining room getting ready. That's where my makeup is. I have a compact mirror I use and that's just my usual routine. I hear my son's baby babble from around the corner.  

He just woke up and was in a pretty good mood already. Phew! Next thing you know he turns on the radio we have (also in the dining room). It's actually a blue tooth boom box. But it also has AM/FM radio.  

The station playing was "the oldies" and I can't remember the name or band. But part of the lyrics is "I second that emotion." 

I see my son start bopping around. "Oh he's dancing" I say to myself.  

I drop what I'm doing and start dancing with him. He giggles at my little dance moves. I am loving it. These are the memories I crave to create. These moments mean the world to me. I hope as he gets older we can create even more fun times. I hope to God the good will always outweigh the bad. I hope during the storms of life, we can look back at these days and that it'll keep our hearts warm.  

But yes we danced and danced. Then it was time to go to work.