Hello Doggies!

If you've been walking down magnificent mile (aka Michigan Ave) you've might have noticed some awesome dog statues. About a month ago hundreds of dogs were placed on both sides of michigan ave. The dog statues are each dedicated to honor fallen CPD officers and are each individually decorated with a theme. 

Not sure how long they are going to be up, but after they've been displayed, they're going to be auctioned off. The money will be donated to PAWS Chicago. 

My family I decided to start our Dog Tour from off the Chicago red line stop and walked up towards Upper East Wacker. It was definitely one of my favorite days in August thus far. Not only have I been missing my parents, but I've just been feeling displaced. I've been taking comfort in hanging with my husband and his mom. It's a new season and I'll soon find my place again. 

Now, for the grand piece... PHOTOS OF DOG STATUES! Enjoy!