Play Date at Maggie Daley Park

Now that my son is getting older I can take him exploring to different parks around Chicago. Actually, everytime I pass a park I'd want to check it out, I try to file the location into my brain lol. I've heard of Maggie Daley Park before, but didn't really give it a thought. Considering it's downtown, it has potential to be crowded with Chicagoans and Tourists. I try to avoid crowded places in general. 

I thought I'd be adventurous, and make it a playdate. My friend had never been either. That was a plus. MDP is pretty much located on Randolp and Columbus Dr. It's in the "backside" of millennium park. Well across the street actually. 


Maggie C Daley Park

The entrance to the park 

As you walk in, there is a map. But if you like to be prepared before you come in, they have one on their website. 
We took the blue line to get there. It's fairly easy to get there via cta. I would highley reccomend taking CTA if you are comfortable enough. My son is used to both car and train rides. Also depending where in Chicago you are traveling from also. The redline, brownline and blueline can get you to the park.

The MDP has designated areas according to ages. The two main places we went to were: The Harbor: Ages 2-5 and The Watering Hole: Ages 2-5



The Harbor: Ages 2-5

My son is about 15 months old. It was perfect for him and our playdate. 

watering hole 1

The Watering Hole: Ages 2-5

Lots of WATER! 

Watering Hole 2

More Water

The watering hole had 3 stations of water/sprinklers for little ones. 

If you are ok with your little one getting wet, definately bring a towel and an extra set of clothes. I usually already carry an extra outfit, but we didn't have a towel. We just used a blanket to warm him up after the water session. I would love to come back on weekday. Oh, almost forgot to mention. We went late afternoon on a Saturday. It was PACKED. They had a cool swing area. But it was 4 swings only. That was kind of a bummer. You'd think they would have put more swings, considering how many people come out to the park. 

I would come back on a weekday and make sure I: 1. Had a towel handy, and 2. Dressed my little one in a bathing suit/outfit. I even went into the water with him. The water was a wee cold. As it gets warmer or during any of our heat waves, its the perfect place to cool off. 

When you're done at the park you can walk down (west) to Millennium Park if you want to make a day of it. There are grassy areas that are well good for picnicks or just running around in. They also have tons of areas for older children. The watering hole is a fun alternative if your little one is not a fan of the beach or pool. If you have or haven't been let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section!