From Maidenhood to Motherhood|Introduction

Welcome to my blog "The Mom Chronicles". Currently I am a mom of a 15 month old boy. Online he is known as Little Pear. For sake of privacy I'll use his nickname. For the past few months I've wanted to explore my feelings and fears of going from a pre-baby body to a post-baby body. I realized that I am not alone in some of these feelings. I thought I'd be healthy and therapatic way to navigate this new territory for me and maybe help any new moms out there. 

I'll try to be as raw and transparent as I can. I realize I need an outlet too. I have to put my thoughts and feelings somewhere. I don't want to get too personal. But I think this might be a step into the right direction. 

I also have a general day to day|life style blog that's titled "christina michelle or summer", if maybe you aren't a mom or parent. OR I also have some nice pictures you can check out. Stay tuned and please feel free to get involve and comment. I'd like to try and build a community of moms/parents to chime in every once in awhile.