Safe Space

A few weeks ago my husband came across an article that had an awesome perspective on why young children seem to dump their emotions on moms. Relatives or other people even made me question my 20 months old behavior with me at times. The most used phrase was: "He doesn't act that way with me." It sometimes really made me legit feel bad. It made me think or feel like I was being a "bad mom". 

What's happening is that I'm actually creating a safe space for him to be the good, the bad and the ugly. Lemme tell you that it does get ugly sometimes lol. Reading that article really helped turn on a light and let me see what was going on with my LO. He's just being himself. Granted there are times it can get embarassing. There are times that I just have to ride the waves of his emotions. Then there are times where I have to create the right boundaries and discipline him. 



But it was a relief to know that I'm that safe place for him. It helps me better understand him as a little person. It reassures me not to be so hard on myself too! 



It's is so very helpful to be able to share this type of knowledge or wisdom with other moms. We should be somewhat open minded to a different perpespective. Whether you're a new mom or veteran mom, it's helpful to share and to learn. Especially if it encourages healthy development and growth for you and your LO. 

Having a safe space is true for any age. Isn't it? Even with my own mom or those closest to me have seen all my sides. As I am learning to have self control, I hope to teach my son too, but to also remember to be thankful of those safe spaces, and keep it healthy.